street section design consumer guide

Street Section Design Consumer Guide

There are many different methods for designing roads using cross-sections, each with its own benefits and limitations. In this
guide, we will compare a variety of different methods for designing roads using cross-sections, including multi-tool workflows,
computer-aided design (CAD) software, 2D web creators, our own Beyond Typicals and more.

Brian Sroufe Joins Beyondware

Brian has recently joined Beyondware as a Business Development Manager after 15 years of roadway design and project management in the Chicagoland and Twin Cities areas.

TinySeed Announcement

Beyondware announced as part of Tinyseed Accelerator In an effort to improve our products and growth more quickly, we recently applied to be part of the TinySeed accelorator program. This program is an investment fund focused on business to business (B2B) subscription software (SaaS) companies like Beyondware. While only 1-2% of those who apply are …

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Beyond Typicals 2 Announcement

Beyond Typicals 2 is Now Available 🚀 After months of focused development, Beyond Typicals 2 is now available at no additional cost for existing paying subscribers and trial users. This upgrade is better in every way than version 1 with both visual upgrades and new and improved features.  Please note that BT1 save files will …

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