InfraWorks into Beyond CAD

Integrate InfraWorks, Vissim and Other Civil Data into Beyond CAD

While most 3D visualization engines used in AEC focus on architecture, Beyond CAD proudly focuses on transportation, civil and other infrastructure related projects. As we have declared many times, you won’t find rugs, bookshelves, couches and washing machines in Beyond CAD. Instead you will find 3D assets necessary to communicate infrastructure projects such as buildings, people, trees, pavement markings, traffic signals, construction equipment, traffic control devices and more.

In other words, the Beyond CAD 3D asset library contains everything except the kitchen sink.

To make this visualization as useful as possible to those looking to communicate civil engineering projects, we are going beyond the 3D asset library. We want Beyond CAD to work with as many civil related software programs and data as possible. These include direct data integrations as well as content and tutorials showing the best workflows for getting certain data into Beyond CAD.

Even though Beyond CAD is only months beyond the public launch, we already have several integrations that are working and several more planned. Currently, these include 3D file import, Vissim, InfraWorks and photogrammetry. Coming soon we will have direct .dwg importing and content related to working with Sketchup files. 

The InfraWorks integration is especially promising as it enables the rapid planning and visualization tools and content available in InfraWorks to be presented in the photorealistic scenes available in Unreal Engine powered Beyond CAD. The video below shows how this integration works:

Vissim integration is also promising and, while still in beta, is already proving to be a more efficient form of photorealistic 3D visualization for transportation projects. The video below details this integration:

We are dedicated to continuing to create and communicate integrations within Beyond CAD and have made a page with the current integrations and will be updating it as new ones are released.