Beyond CAD is now Beyondware

We are excited to announce that, moving forward, Beyondware will be the publishing name for our products, Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals. This has been months in the making (and will take months to fully realize) and we feel that this decision will clarify the publisher/product relationships between our brand and product and help build a strong brand for years to come.

While there are several reasons for this name adjustment, the primary motivator is the fact that, from the recent launch of Beyond Typicals and previous launch of Beyond CAD, we are a multi-product company and need a publishing brand to better represent that. When Beyond CAD was formed two years ago, the plan was to make a better 3D visualization engine for transportation and infrastructure. That product was to be called Beyond CAD Vision, with the ‘Vision’ surname being dropped later.  While this goal for this industry changing product is being realized as we speak, it has left us with both a company and a product named Beyond CAD. 

As mentioned, this company/brand relationship became less clear with the recent launch of Beyond Typicals. Those looking to try this new 3D typical section creator may be confused that they are at… so is BT a part of the Beyond CAD product or is Beyond CAD a business AND a product?

It’s pretty easy to see the potential confusion.

While brainstorming potential publishing brand names there were many good candidates but Beyondware quickly became the front-runner, which fact was only bolstered by the fact that we were able to obtain the domain name. Beyondware is- and will continue to be- a publisher of software that goes above and beyond. We offer a suite of ‘beyond’ products that currently includes two new and dynamic products, but may include others in the future.

Beyondware will continue to create, publish and improve software products with the aim to become the leader in visualization tools for infrastructure and transportation.

We are also excited to reveal the Beyondware logo with strong styling to match the blue ‘beyond’ arrow of the Beyond CAD logo (and now the Beyond Typicals logo) along with integrating B and W and an emphasis on 3D. We look forward to future associations of this logo and brand with quality software tools and great experiences.

This transition won’t happen overnight so we appreciate your patience while we update the website, products, social media and other properties with the new branding. Will will also be offering new product options and pricing in the coming months as part of this transition.

For now, Beyond CAD LLC will still be our operating company with Beyondware as a DBA.