Beyond Typicals 2 Preview

Beyond Typicals 2 is coming november 1st

While Beyond Typicals 1.0 was launched only earlier this year, we are excited to announce that version 2 will be coming in late 2022 with massive improvements and new features. This application will be a separate download and will be available to all paying subscribers. This was described in a recent ‘What’s New, What’s Next’ livestream by Beyondware founder, Sam Lytle.

Major Improvements

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5
  • Photorealistic texturing and lighting
  • Metahuman and other new assets
  • New asset organization system
  • Full texture control with 40+ materials (sub-meshes)(Pro Only)
  • 3D file importing (.fbx and .obj) (Pro Only)
  • Asset expansion pack (Pro Only)

Other Improvements

  • New example projects/presets
  • Length minimum of 10′
  • Length maximum of 500′
  • New section height maximum of 10m (~32′)
  • New section height minimum of -1m (~3.2′)
  • New transparent section
  • New transparent and glow materials
  • Better section organization

These changes and upgrades, big and small, will add up to an application that is much more attractive, robust and flexible to design and visualize road and street projects using Beyond Typicals. For regular updates to progress on V2 development, click here.