Beyond Typicals Patch 1.1.24

Beyond Typicals V1.1.24 Now Available

Our ongoing and rapid development of Beyond Typicals continues, with our monthly patch for May 2022 now available. This patch contains numerous improvements, sections, assets and fixes including:

  • Bridge sections (still a work in progress but promising)
  • Adjustable section length between 50′-200′ (100′ is still the default)
  • More than a dozen new sections (including engineered retaining walls) courtesy Zane Pratt from DEA
  • New and improved curbs and gutters
  • Dedicated barrier and guard rail section
  • Grates for trees and bollards
  • Single asset display (previously the minimum was 3 along a section)
  • Better organized settings UI with dropdowns
  • Many more smaller fixes

The public update for June is already in progress and promises even more major and minor improvements and features. 

Watch the V1.1.24 release video below and start your free trial of Beyond Typicals here.