Beyond Typicals 2.0

Beyond Typicals 2.0 is coming November 1st, 2022

New application download will be available to all Beyond Typicals subscribers

Major Improvements

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5
  • Photorealistic texturing and lighting
  • Metahuman and other new assets
  • New asset organization system
  • 40+ decals including manhole covers, cracks, pavement markings and more
  • Dozens of new assets including trees, buildings, 3D grass and more
  • Full texture control with 40+ materials (sub-meshes)(Pro Only)
  • 3D file importing (.fbx and .obj) (Pro Only)
  • Asset expansion pack (Pro Only)

Other Improvements

  • New example projects/presets
  • Length minimum of 10′
  • Length maximum of 500′
  • New section height maximum of 10m (~32′)
  • New section height minimum of -1m (~3.2′)
  • New transparent section
  • New transparent, water and glow materials
  • Better section organization
  • More underground utility sizes
  • Free pipe placement
  • Free retaining wall placement
  • Free water plane placement
  • Asset scale adjustment
  • 3D grass

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BT2 Development Updates

(August 23) Livestream Preview

(August 23) Preview Trailer

(August 29) Texture Options Preview (Common Lane)

(sept 1) New length minimum of 10'

(Sept 6) New Length Maximum of 500' (150 meters)

(Sept 9) 40+ textures for every surface of every section

(Sept 12) Some of the 40+ Megascans materials available in BT2

(Sept 13) 22 Pipe Sizes will be available in BT2 (Imperial/in and Metric/cm)

(Sept 14) Adding a 'transparent' material makes so much possible with bt2

(Sept 15) New height maximum allows for thicker look options (esp. with scene effects)

(Sept 16) Custom retaining walls coming in Beyond Typicals 2

(Sept 20) Increased water realism and options in Beyond Typicals 2

(Sept 22) 40+ decals coming in bt2 including road markings, coverings and more

(Sept 27) A variety of 3d grass types coming in bt2

[sept 28] new high quality trees