Why we paused the development of Beyond CAD

Beyondware’s journey from launching Beyond CAD, a pioneering 3D visualization tool for infrastructure, to focusing on Beyond Typicals, a user-friendly 3D typical section creator. Learn about the pivotal lessons from this transition and the company’s commitment to innovation in the infrastructure industry.

enterprise with beyond typicals

Beyond Single Users: Our Journey to Flexible Enterprise Licensing

Driven by user feedback, we’ve introduced innovative licensing options like a virtual floating license and bulk purchase discounts, catering to diverse needs of organizations. Learn how our software streamlines operations and offers cost-effective solutions for engineering firms, public agencies, and construction companies.

Get Familiar With Back-in Angled Parking

Back-in angled parking configurations have been gaining popularity in many cities, but there are some hurdles to be considered before its widespread implementation. Overcoming its unfamiliarity can result in enhanced visibility, safer operations, and added convenience. 

Reducing Multiple-Threat Pedestrian Crashes: Rethinking Urban Bus Pull-Outs

As cities continue to evolve their transportation systems to prioritize safety and sustainability, reconfiguring busy streets to reduce the risk of “multiple-threat” pedestrian crashes is an important consideration. This may involve rethinking the use of curbside bus pull-outs, which can create visibility challenges and increase the risk of collisions with pedestrians.