Beyond CAD in Epic Games Store

Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals are in the Epic Games Store. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal.

On February 1st we launched V1.2 of Beyond CAD and made Beyond Typicals publicly available for the first time. During February, we saw incredible interest in individuals and companies starting free trials to see if these new 3D visualization applications would work for them and their projects. 

While some were able to successfully download, install and test the software, we heard reports from others that they were having difficulty getting started for a variety of reasons. While there were exceptions, it seemed that the most common issue these users were facing was that our custom launcher was blocked by company firewalls because it is a new and largely unknown application. This is a major problem because it may be awhile before our launcher and software will be wildly known and trusted.

Fortunately, we had been contacted by our friends at Epic Games (the makers of Unreal Engine upon which both applications are built) to see if we would be interested in publishing both Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals in the Epic Games Store (EGS) with delivery via the Epic Games Launcher, and we gratefully accepted.

Initially our excitement to be available via the Epic Games Launcher was for an alternate- hopefully more stable- delivery method for those having issues with our custom launcher. If we received word that someone was having issues downloading through our launcher, we would at least have a second option for distribution.

After a few months of preparation and coordination, both Beyond Typicals and Beyond CAD were published via EGS in late March 2022. Early tests indicated that this was a stable delivery method for our software, but with the built through analytics available in the developer portal for EGS we were blown away by what we saw. 

Tens of thousands of individuals were adding Beyond Typicals and Beyond CAD to their library. 

As most of the 200 million+ EGS users are there for the 600+ video games (often free or discounted) I knew that these probably weren’t our target demographics of engineers, city planners and contractors. Still, the analytics showed that hundreds of these individuals were downloading and using the software. Every day thousands of minutes were now being spent using our software by users that previously didn’t know we existed. 

While this new visibility has been exciting, and we’ve seen our traffic and free trials increase as a result, the miracle of all of this is that from all of these hundreds or thousands of downloads, not a single one has reached out with issues regarding downloading or installing. 

With a request from our good friends at Epic Games to be listed in EGS with distribution via the Epic Games Launcher, we not only increased our visibility by an incredible amount, but we improved our credibility and solved our distribution all at the same time.

Oh, and did I mention that listing in the Epic Games Store is free? We are incredibly grateful and honored to be available alongside some of the most popular games and Twinmotion (though the Twinmotion discovery and delivery is a little different). 

There are currently 13 non-gaming applications, and we now have two of them. We hope that this will be a long-term solution for our current and future users. In fact, if this continues to go well, we will retire our custom launcher over time and encourage all users to download and install via the Epic Games Launcher.

NOTE: Beyond Cad and Beyond Typicals are free to download and install via the Epic Games Launcher but users will need a free trial or paid subscription to remove watermarks.