3D Buildings for Viz or BIM

Adding context to your 3D visualization or BIM project is extremely important and many elements- trees, people, terrain, traffic and so on- can be included fairly easy by using 3D asset libraries like the one in Beyond CAD (1500+) 3D assets. But including realistic, representative BUILDINGS into your project can be very difficult. Calling upon over 10 years of 3D visualization experience in transportation and infrastructure projects, Beyond CAD creator Sam Lytle outlines the 5 options available to add buildings to your viz or BIM project including:

1- Use available buildings from the project or online

2- Use pre-modeled buildings from asset libraries

3- Model using internal staff

4- Outsource modeling

5- (Recommended) Use photogrammetry workflow

Make a 3D Model for free with drones by Lilian Praz https://youtu.be/hbAFhgt41R0

Photogrammetry to Blender by Blender Bones https://youtu.be/xAPXfMYydes

What did Sam miss? One user responded to this video reminding us that the Sketchup Warehouse is an incredible repository of exact and generic buildings so make sure to check that out as well! 

Watch the full video here.