Beyond Typicals Patch 1.1 Update

In roughly 6 months, Beyond Typicals has gone from an upcoming feature to Beyond CAD to a separate beta application and now to a useful design and planning tool already used by companies and agencies for transportation projects. During this period we’ve also received a LOT of feedback from users. A future post will detail that process, but with this feedback and our own roadmap we’ve been able to make incredible progress with each monthly update with our small development team.

The April 2022 patch is no exception. Not only did we add new functionality like pausing and disabling traffic (even per lane) and Save As (much requested feature) but also new assets (guardrail, power poles, fire hydrants and more) and new sections. The new sections are especially exciting as the trench sections now add the ability to do MOT traffic phasing for utility replacement. Other new sections include a rumble strip, fence section and several new curb types.

Watch the video below to see the new features and updates and you can download via the Epic Games Launcher or sign up for a free trial here.