Frequently Asked Questions

Products and Pricing

While credit card is the preferred method of payment, we have multiple options to pay for our software including ACH/Direct, physical check, wire and working with our growing list of resellers. Contact us for an invoice for a purchase.

After signing up for a free trial or completing a purchase, you will get an email with a Subscription ID which is used within our products to activate the license. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam or junk folder or contact us. All application downloads include the same full version of the software, which displays watermarks if no Subscription ID is entered. The free trial or paid subscription Subscription ID simply removes the watermarks.  Pro features are disabled when no Subscription ID is entered.

Each license purchase is ‘per user’ and limited to two devices.

Multiple licenses can be purchased with a single email address. Our licensing system only uses the Subscription ID to activate the application, not the email.

Our enterprise plans offer virtual floating licenses, bulk discounts, seat managers, and premium support. For more information about our enterprise licensing, please contact us.

Absolutely. You can purchase a variety of licenses using the same account by adding multiple license plans with the same email. 

We also offer enterprise licensing which includes shareable floating licenses, bulk discounts, seat managers, and premium support. Please contact us for more information.

Furthermore, we can also work directly with you to add multiple subscriptions to your account if you would prefer. Just contact us.

The Subscription ID is the 17-digit code used to activate a license and remove watermarks. Your Subscription ID is available in your onboarding emails as well as in your account. To access your account, click the MANAGE ACCOUNT button at the top of the Beyondware website. Use your email and the password received upon activation to log in to your account. Within your account you can see information about any subscriptions including plan name, Subscription ID, renewal date, payment information and more.

After signing up for a free 30-day trial or purchasing a subscription, you will receive an email with instructions to download and install our applications. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam or junk folder or contact us. We understand that IT/IS guidelines are different for nearly every company and agency, so we have multiple options for download and distribution.

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade any subscription within your account by clicking the MANAGE ACCOUNT link at the top of this website. You can also cancel or pause your subscription via MANAGE ACCOUNT.

If you have any issues or need assistance, we will be more than happy to help you. Please reach out to us here.

University students and active military can access any of our plans at a significant discount. 

For assistance with these discounts, please reach out to us.

Beyond Typicals

Beyond Typicals is an all-new, drag and drop 3D typical section creator released in early 2022. Beyond Typicals makes street design and visualization so accessible that you can become proficient in hours and design roads in minutes. 

In its current state, Beyond Typicals is a desktop application available only for Windows devices, but our roadmap includes Mac/iOS compatibility and a cloud-based version accessible through a web browser.

Beyond Typicals 2.0 (BT2) was launched November 1st, 2022 and boasts improved graphics and features and is built on the new Unreal Engine 5. BT2 is our recommended application for typical section visualization.  If you are still using BT1, simply use your same Subscription ID in BT2 to access a much more powerful, user-friendly, and photorealistic visualization tool.

Click here to learn more about the upgrade from Beyond Typicals 1 to Beyond Typicals 2

Click here to watch all our Beyond Typicals 2 tutorial videos

While Beyond Typicals and Beyond CAD both make 3D visualization more accessible for civil and transportation projects, Beyond Typicals is both easier to use and not as versatile as Beyond CAD. With Beyond Typicals you can drag and drop pre-made sections to make roads in minutes, but you can’t import CAD files or do complicated visualization. With Beyond CAD you can import 3D CAD files to visualize civil projects using textures, library assets, advanced traffic and more.

Further development of Beyond CAD has been paused.  Read more here.  By purchasing Beyond Typicals, you also gain access to Beyond CAD in its current state of development. Simply use your same BT Subscription ID to activate Beyond CAD.

Beyond Typicals has been designed to be incredibly intuitive, and accessible to transportation professionals of any background – planning, engineering, management, CAD tech, marketing, and more. Many users can figure out how to use most of the functionality just through trial and error. That said, we have plenty of tutorial videos and are always working on adding more as we add new features.  We encourage all new users to watch the 5-part Beyond Typicals 2 Tutorial Series when getting started.  If you still have questions or run into issues, feel free to reach out and our support team can help

If there is a specific type of section (like a retaining wall, for example) or asset (like street light) you need for Beyond Typicals and it isn’t currently available, please reach out to us. We are constantly working with users to add more sections and assets to make the tool even more versatile and efficient for our user base. We have even had a user make his own sections which our development team was able to add for the next available public patch.

We have plans on our roadmap for a custom section creator, which is not yet in development.

With Beyond Typicals 2, Pro users can also import their own 3D files including photogrammetry buildings, light poles and more!  This Imported Assets tool remains in beta testing, and we cannot guarantee all 3D assets will import as expected.  We encourage you to try out this feature and provide valuable feedback.

Users and potential users of Beyond Typicals are often very passionate and know how powerful this product can be. With this passion also often comes with section, asset or feature requests. 

Without this feedback, Beyond Typicals would not be as useful as it is today, so we highly encourage any feedback or requests. We even built a public roadmap where you can see our development plans and even make your own requests.

View the Beyond Typicals roadmap here.

Beyond Typicals produces high-quality, animated 3D visuals, and is best used on a device with a powerful GPU.  To see our minimum and recommended specifications, head to the Beyond Typicals Download page and scroll to the bottom.

Technical Support

After signing up for a free trial, you will receive an email with instructions including a link to the Download page with links to two options for downloading and installing: the Epic Games Launcher, and a zipped folder download.

You can access the downloads page here.

We have hours of tutorial videos available on our website and YouTube channel that are broken into chapters which can answer most questions for our software.

We also maintain a list of program limitations and known issues for Beyond Typicals.  

If you still need support, please reach out to us, and we can assist you one on one.


Beyondware is a software publisher focused on building better 3D visualization and planning tools for civil and transportation. Beyondware is a DBA for Beyond CAD LLC and was founded by licensed civil engineer Sam Lytle, PE. 

Click here to read more about Beyondware.

In 2010, I started with the Nevada Department of Transportation as a rotating engineer after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in civil engineering. It wasn’t long before I realized that I had spent years studying to become an engineer, only to discover that engineering and computer aided design (CAD) did not excite me and was not what I was hoping for. In 2011, I discovered a love for 3D visualization and, with it, a potential opportunity to hopefully get out of design, stay in the industry, and not throw away years of preparation to be a civil engineer.

An opportunity to move beyond CAD.

Read the full story by founder Sam Lytle, PE here.

Beyondware is a software publishing company that operates remotely. We are based in the United States with employees throughout the country and plan to continue growing remotely throughout the US in the coming months and years. 

We employ software engineers, technical experts and artists. Furthermore, we also occasionally use overseas talent as contractors for one-off projects. 

We utilize the latest coordination, planning and development management tools to ensure efficient development and support for our users.

We release updates for our software that include new features, assets and bug fixes. While we have occasionally released updates as often as every month, we will be slowing our patch release schedule in 2023 to a slower pace.

Civil FX was a 3D visualization studio founded by Sam Lytle in 2014. In August of 2020, the Civil FX brand and visualization  services team was acquired by Parametrix Engineering. Sam Lytle retained the rights to Beyond CAD (previously Vision) as well as the development team and started Beyond CAD LLC as a software publishing company to continue the Vision journey. This acquisition not only helped in the funding of Beyond CAD but it also allowed a close relationship with a forward thinking and important company in Parametrix.   

Civil FX represented an invaluable opportunity for Sam to learn the needs of the future users of Beyond CAD by working on hundreds of projects and for dozens of clients over the years as well as multiple projects to build and refine the technology for clients that now will be integrated into this software.

Learn more here.

Civil FX continues to offer premium 3D visualization services for infrastructure and transportation.