Free Trial FAQs

How Can I Evaluate Beyond CAD or Beyond Typicals before Purchasing?

In an effort to make the evaluation of Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals as easy as possible, we have multiple options available to ensure that our software will work for you before you pay for a subscription.

  1. Review our walkthroughs and other training content to see Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals in action. You can see many of these videos on YouTube and our Tutorial Page.
  2. Download from the Epic Games Launcher (or other download and install options here) and use indefinitely with watermarks for free
  3. Start a free 30-day trial by entering your information for full evaluation without watermarks.

These options are available for both Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals. Also note that any scenes saved (.bcad file format) with the watermark or free trial will continue to work in any paid or free version of either software program. Our applications don’t functionally have any way to tell the difference between a file saved during a free trial or paid subscription. Our licensing system simply removes the watermarks for free trials and paid subscriptions.  

How does the Free Trial Work?

The free 30-day trial is similar to option 2 (download the free launcher) the only difference is that you will get a Subscription ID emailed to you that can be used to remove the watermarks on the licensing screen upon startup. You will still need to download and install the software, you will just have the option to truly test out the software without watermarks for the length of the trial. After the trial period is over, if the free trial is not upgraded to a paid subscription, the software will still work perfectly, just with the watermarks back on. If you later choose to pay for a subscription you will not need to re-download anything, you will just receive an email with a Subscription ID that will remove watermarks as long as you are a paying subscriber. You can see how to download, install and activate the subscription for Beyond Typicals here.

Also note that our licenses are floating so you can have either software program installed on multiple machines as long as they aren’t using the same Subscription ID at the same time.

How Can I Cancel My Free Trial before the Payment Goes Through?

It is not required to enter payment information for the free trial. If you would like to upgrade to a paid subscription during or after the trial, you will need to enter your payment information in your account portal. You will receive emails during this period with instructions, or you can simply click on the blue MANAGE ACCOUNT text at the top of this website to enter your payment information. Enter the email you used to start the free trial, and you will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) to your email, which will be a 6-digit code.

Once you use your OTP to log in to your account, you will see how many days are left on your free trial, and you can enter your payment information to turn the free trial into a paid subscription. Watch below for a video with full instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us before, during, or after your free trial begins.