How Good is Twinmotion for Transportation and other Civil Projects?

Twinmotion is an incredibly powerful and effective 3D visualization engine. In fact, if you are currently using Twinmotion and are satisfied with the results you are getting, no need to read further. We highly recommend Twinmotion, especially for real-time architectural visualization. It is dynamic, affordable and constantly improving. The results produced by Twinmotion are consistently stunning.

But as Twinmotion has been built primarily with architecture projects in mind, it often falls short on transportation and other infrastructure projects. Vital features for civil projects such as advanced traffic, focused asset library, visual graphics, Vissim and other civil software integration and a sign creator aren’t available simply because they aren’t typically needed for the types of projects Twinmotion is designed for.

That said, Twinmotion can be and has been used for civil projects. The visual fidelity, realistic assets and 4D phasing are all capable of providing decent results on large infrastructure projects, especially for still image renders. The speed of visualization is especially valuable for efficient renders and real-time visualization. 

But with all that Twinmotion has to offer, the deficiencies make it frustrating- if not impossible- to use for a good deal of transportation or other civil projects. It is simply not the right tool for these kinds of projects.

This is almost entirely why Beyond CAD exists. Founder Sam Lytle was enthralled by what Twinmotion and other architectural visualization engines had to offer in terms of photorealism and efficiencies, but when he tried to use these types of products for major transportation projects, they ultimately weren’t robust enough. Instead, a complex workflow of 3ds Max, Unity/UE, Rhino 3D, Sketchup, Maya, Adobe Cloud and other software was necessary for his Civil FX team to provide 3D visualization services for these projects.

Beyond CAD is the result of the realization that if a good visualization engine didn’t yet exist for these projects, perhaps one should be made. While Beyond CAD cannot offer some of the architectural and visual fidelity features available in Twinmotion (yet), it attempts to fill in the deficiencies to make a robust option for these civil/infrastructure projects. The early results are promising and as this new civil focused visualization engine continues to improve, that realization will only become clearer.

To be clear, Beyond CAD is also a 3D visualization engine built on Unreal Engine, so many have already drawn the many comparisons between the two. As Epic Megagrant recipients, we are proud to be associated with Epic (who owns Twinmotion) and Unreal Engine. 

But just as you could trim a tree with a lawnmower, it would probably be best to trim it with a tree-trimming tool and leave the cutting of the lawn to the lawnmower.

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