Guide for IT/IS Staff on Downloading/Installing/distribution of our software

Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals can be downloaded and installed from a variety of methods seen at  Before downloading, please note the following instructions and guidelines:

  • We recommend the Epic Games Launcher as it has been proven to be the most reliable distribution method. That said, we have other options available at the Downloads page.
  • Both programs are built for and only run on Windows PC computers. Windows 10 or 11 are recommended
  • If using our custom launcher and because our software is new and may not yet be recognized by Windows, DO NOT install in Program Files. Instead, we recommend installing in D: or documents in a new folder that can be named Beyond CAD with sub-folders BC and BT for Beyond CAD and Beyond Typicals, respectively.
  • Please review the recommended hardware specification and minimum storage listed on the Download page.
  • If you have previous installations of our software, please delete before downloading and installing.
  • Note that downloading the files take time (depending on internet speeds) and unzipping and installing the files may take even more time, so if it looks stuck, everything still may be progressing smoothly.
  • From our custom launcher, the initial download takes place with zipped folders for both software programs. This folder is unzipped and installed during the process, but this zipped folder will remain after install. It is recommended to save a copy of this zipped folder on a backup drive, as it is removed during the next patch update. If there are installing issues, having the zipped files backed up may prevent re-downloading all files.
  • These software programs can only be installed on file locations on a PC. Network drive locations will not work at this time.
  • We’ve noticed that computers with extensive admin/IT requirements or firewalls tend to have more issues than those that do not.
  • If the launcher is not able to launch either software program, finding and clicking on the .exe file in the installed folder often is a solution to launch the program. Once launched, pin the app icon to the taskbar for easier access in the future.

Reported issues can include issues with downloads getting stuck, updating after install, crashing after install and similar related issues which we are constantly reviewing and attempting to fix and improve. These issues may be dependent on a variety of factors including admin rights, hardware specifications, Windows version, internet speeds and so on. The most successful fix currently is to review all the notes above and delete/uninstall everything and download again. 

You can also attempt to download the zipped files directly from the downloads page.

In addition to these suggestions, we are working on several alternatives for users with these issues including:

  • Making our software available in the Microsoft Store as an alternative download option. 
  • Creating a cloud GPU streaming option that will be available in early 2022 (no install necessary)

If you are still unable to access this software, please reach out to us here: