Lite vs Pro

Choose the plan that's best for you

For ultimate convenience and flexibility, Beyond Typicals is available in two version, Lite and Pro. While Lite is the base version with all the core features, Pro offers additional functionality and features such as phasing and 3D file importing. 

We’ve made these options so that users can find their own balance between price and functionality, additionally offering monthly vs yearly packages for even more pricing choice. 

How it works

When you download Beyond Typicals, you get the full version of the software with all the features and assets included. Our licensing system manages the difference between Lite and Pro users. For Lite users, Pro features will be greyed out and not clickable. Pro features are listed below and are indicated in the Beyond Typicals interface with the PRO tag seen here.

In the event of an upgrade from Lite to Pro, users will not need to redownload the software, but the license will notice the upgrade in plan and make the Pro features available moving forward. Conversely, if there is a downgrade in plan, Pro features will no longer be available.

Common Questions

QUESTION: If I start a Lite plan, can I upgrade to Pro?

ANSWER: Yes! You can upgrade via your account (click MANAGE ACCOUNT at top) at any time or we can help you via a support request.

QUESTION: If I upgrade, how much will I be charged?

ANSWER: You will be charged the cost difference between the Lite and Pro plans, prorated based on how much time is remaining in your subscription.

QUESTION: What features are available in Pro that aren’t available in Lite?

ANSWER: With Pro you get additional features, listed below.

Compare Lite vs Pro

Beyond Typicals Lite

  • Drag and drop street and road creator (PC application)

  • Adjust the width and height of any section

  • More than 90 sections available​

  • More than 200 objects and 40 decals

  • Swap the top texture of sections with 40+ materials

  • Auto-animated traffic that can be stopped or disabled

  • Customizable pedestrian and traffic libraries

  • Pre-made and custom retaining walls

  • Underground utilities of any size

  • Auto-generated and customizable labels

  • Animated and colorized pathway arrows and area highlights

  • Render images and videos in 2D and 3D​

  • Render PNG images with alpha transparency

  • Centerline and edge section locking and width guides

  • Camera controls including 2D views

  • Length adjustment from 10' to 500' (100' default)

  • Imperial or Metric units

  • Environment controls (sun, gradient)

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Rapid file saving and loading

  • Online and one on one support and training

Beyond Typicals Pro

  • Everything included with Beyond Typicals Lite

  • Phasing and alternative system

  • Multi-section layout mode (horizontal and vertical)

  • Scene effects for aesthetic styling

  • Texture customization for all section elements

  • Import 3D files for custom assets

  • Asset Expansion Pack with Metahuman and More*​

  • Beyond Typicals Cloud (Browser)*​

  • *Coming soon​

30 days - no credit card needed