Updated Free Trial System

Starting a Beyondware Free Trial is now easier than ever

While we have been offering unrestricted, free 30-day trials for a while now, there was still unnecessary friction involved for those interested in testing our software. One of those was that, while we tried to be clear that the trial was free, the price was still listed and it kind of looked and felt like you were actually paying for something that was free. One of the other issues was that the free trials were limited to only the product for which you had signed up.

We are excited to announce that we have been working to update the way this system works, and now free trials are easier than ever. Now, the price is clearly indicated as $0 through the entire checkout process, and there is only one free trial that will work with all of our products. 

From our FAQ page:

“If you would like to evaluate the software before buying, we offer a 30-day free trial, which works for all of our products. When you start the 30-day free trial, you will receive a 17 digit Subscription ID via email which you can enter into the software upon startup, which will remove the watermarks for the 30-day period. If you would like to continue to use the software beyond the free trial, you will need to select a plan and enter payment information in your account using the MANAGE ACCOUNT link at the top of this website. If you select and pay for a subscription plan, you will need to use that 17 digit Subscription ID moving forward (the free trial ID will no longer work). If you never upgrade to a paid subscription or cancel the free trial, the software will continue working past the 30 days, just with the watermarks turned back on. Contact us with support needs or any questions.”

With the new system, you will need to switch to your preferred plan at the end of the 30 days and enter your payment information to continue using the software. While the previous system used the same 17 digit Subscription ID from free to paid subscription, you will now need to use the new paid Subscription ID as the free trial Subscription ID will no longer work after the 30 days.

Anywhere you see the START FREE TRIAL button on this website (including the top bar) it will represent the same free trial which works for all products.

Another difference with this change is that anyone can now purchase products at anytime from the Pricing page without having to start a free trial. This will make it more convenient for companies that have already evaluated the software and are looking to purchase more licenses.

As always, you can edit and manage your account and subscriptions by clicking the MANAGE ACCOUNT button at the top of our website. This includes moving to a paid plan during the free 30-day trial.

We are excited to have more and more engineers, project managers, visualizers, CAD technicians, contractors and other professionals use our software and this new free trial system will make the process as seamless as ever.