Payment Options

Not every potential subscriber of Beyond CAD or Beyond Typicals has the same needs and options available for payment. While virtually all of our subscribers are using these products for professional purposes (B2B) some are part of a large engineering firm, some are employees of public agencies and others may be part of a small contracting company.

Because of this and to serve our subscribers in the best way possible, we have been working to make as many payment options available as possible from Beyondware. Following is a list of all the ways that potential subscribers can pay for any of our product subscriptions.

For context and transparency, we use Chargebee for tracking licenses and Stripe for our payment processing, and we never see nor have access to payment information. 

1- Credit Card

Paying via credit card was the first payment option available and is still the recommended payment option. Using Chargebee with Stripe you enter your payment information in the MANAGE ACCOUNT section (available on our website menu via the blue text link) during or after the 14-day free trial of any of our subscription offerings. Your card will be charged at the end of the 14 days and will be charged at the beginning of the month or year, depending on your subscription choice. You will receive email notifications before and after every auto-payment.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues.

2- Direct Debit

More recently available is the option for direct debit payments through your bank login. For direct debit we also use Stripe in conjunction with Plaid which handles the connection with the banks directly. This is preferred to many due to the lack of credit card fees necessary to handle the transaction. 

To set up direct debit payments, you also need to access your account via the MANAGE ACCOUNT link at the top of our web pages. By default, it is set to the Credit Card page, but you can access the Direct Debit section by clicking the link at the top right (see images below). You will see a notification that we use Plaid and after accepting you will be taken to the ‘Select your bank’ page. Once you find your bank, you can then enter your credentials to log in to your account. Follow the steps to finish setting up the link. 

Similar to credit card, your payment will be withdrawn automatically at the beginning of each pay period, and you’ll receive notifications before and after these payments via email.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues.

3- Physical Check

If you are unable to pay via credit card or direct debit, we can also accept a physical check. If you prefer this method, simply contact us, and we can generate an invoice with the address to send the check. Note that you can still need to start a free 14-day trial for the desired product with your preferred email address, and we can apply the payment to this account.

When the check is received, we will cash it and activate the subscription for the preferred account. At the end of the payment term, you can send another check or opt to switch to credit card or direct debit.

Please contact us if you would like to send a physical check.

4- Resellers

Using resellers to manage software licenses is the preferred method and standard for some industries. We are working to partner with resellers and build out a robust network, so if you would prefer to purchase through a reseller, you can visit this link to see the list of resellers we have partnered with.

If you are already working with a reseller and they don’t yet offer our products because we are new to the market, you can consider requesting them to add our products to our listings. We’ve already been receiving requests from resellers that have only heard about us through their customers, so we expect the reseller relationships to be incredibly important as we grow.