Safety Design

A new tool for safety projects

Whether it is a transportation project with safety features and goals or a safety-first project, Beyond Typicals can help users quickly and clearly communicate intended scope and design. Dragging and dropping sections to quickly build out a project model and placing safety devices as necessary can take a safety project to concept to full render in minutes.

This software has been deliberately designed to be as easy as possible to learn and use so that transportation and safety engineers can do their own 3D visualization and modeling, which reduces costs and increases accuracy.

Safety features can be added to any type of project and highlighted as necessary with labels and visual graphics. Real-time presentation and editing is a powerful feature of Beyond Typicals, but image and video renders can be easily produced for PowerPoint presentations, public meetings, social media, websites, brochures and more. 

Professional looking graphics and visuals in hours and minutes instead of weeks or days? That’s the power of Beyond Typicals.

Projects of All Types

The importance of safety within transportation projects has only increased in recent years and, with Beyond Typicals, this emphasis is easier than ever.

Assemble a crosswalk with actual flashing RRFBs and animated pedestrians, include rumble strips and cable barrier for a highway project, include bollards for a bus or rail concept or even use pavement markings and colored asphalt to show how to affordably add safety to an existing project.

Dozens of Safety Assets

We’ve worked with Beyond Typicals users to include the most important 3D assets in our library for accurately communicating transportation safety within infrastructure projects. Where not currently available, we’ve modeled our own assets from standard plans to match real-world safety devices as closely as possible. 

While we can’t include every safety device for every geography, we have added dozens of high quality 3D assets and will continue to add these assets in future patch updates. Some of the safety asset categories include:

  • Safety specific signage
  • Non-safety specific signage
  • Rectangular  Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)
  • Concrete barrier, cable barrier and guard rail
  • Pavement markings
  • Four types of bollards
  • Sidewalk and crosswalk pieces
  • Retaining and sound walls
  • Rumble strip section

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