beyond cad visual graphics

Use Beyond CAD on ALL of your projects, not just on the next one

While visualization has traditionally been only used on major transportation projects and been prohibitively expensive for most other smaller projects, these standards are falling with the advent of Beyond CAD. It is our hope that Beyond CAD will put high quality visualization in reach of designers, contractors, engineers and project managers, not just artists and visualizers.

Still, most looking to pay for a Beyond CAD subscription are doing so for a specific project with individual budget and visualizing needs. Not only do we understand this, we have set up our pricing (month to month is fine) and licensing (floating for more flexible use) to cater to those with these type of project visualization needs. Hopefully, even for only a single project, Beyond CAD will offer an incredible return on investment over other visualization options. From the efficient traffic to the built-in asset library to the custom sign creator, there are myriad features within Beyond CAD to make your visualization equal parts efficient and attractive.

But why stop there? As more understand the power of Beyond CAD and users become more proficient project by project, it is our hope that more companies and individuals will subscribe to and use Beyond CAD not just for a single project, but for every project. Because Beyond CAD has lowered the threshold of what types of projects can use visualization, we anticipate many users using it again and again for projects large and small. In the past you needed a system to system interchange or at least a diverging diamond to justify high quality visualization, now even the smallest site design, cul-de-sac, roundabout or construction renovation phase can receive similar visualization treatment as the big projects.

If you think about it, your visualization will actually get more affordable and efficient the more projects you visualize with Beyond CAD. For one, yearly pricing is considerably cheaper than month to month pricing. There will also be significant efficiency gains as those using Beyond CAD will get training and experience on the first- and then many more- projects. Clients will also come to expect and appreciate the visuals you create (in hours, not days) for each of their projects.

It may take some time, but it is our hope that Beyond CAD will revolutionize 3D visualization in civil engineering. More users using this new civil focused visualization engine on more of their projects is the first step towards that revolution.